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good wednesday everybody. i'm contessa brewer covering the big news coast to coast. the big story we're watching right now, debt, deficit, downgrade, deadlock. there's six more days until the august 2nd debt default deadline. really, does anybody think there's going to be a deal? >> it can pass the house and pass the senate. i hope the president will consider signing it into law. >> the speaker's proposal cannot pass the senate, will not reach the president's desk. >> another day, another delay as washington tries to come up with a debt deal. today's breaking news a bipartisan group did the math on both the duelling democratic and republican debt plans and both come up short on their projected savings goals. democrats put their bill on hold. while republicans scramble to rewrite theirs. >> things are very fluid.
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>> today's house vote tabled while gop leaders try to get reluctant freshman on board. >> i want a solution, not a deal. i don't think this goes far enough. >> does this keep us in the battle. >> john boehner has a group of people that believe their way is the correct way and they're not prepared to compromise any way. >> how is this playing back in their home districts? >> totally frustrating. >> i feel they need to settle this thing. >> callers are jamming congressional phone linesic making appearances at hill officers and bombarding servers with angry tweets and posts on facebook. on wall street -- >> you are starting to see nervousness come into markets. >> growing concern and confusion over august 2nd's the real drop dead default date or if america can afford to put off disaster a little longer. what's clear is nothing's clear about whether the two sides will ever agree. >> boehner model is not going
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anywhere. >> with you've got to cut real programs if you're going to get this deficit down. >> nbc's kristen welker is at the white house. nbc's kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill. kelly, some tough words from john boehner for his house republicans today. >> reporter: well, contessa, what happens is the house republicans meet they do that on a daily basis and today it took on the air of a locker room coach trying to get his team on board or maybe at a sales meeting trying to bump up the in your opinions. it had that kind of quality from what we're hearing. in political terms boehner is trying to tell his member this is the bill we've got. i need you behind me in order to get the job done and essentially to get in line. that's the tone of what we're told was coming outs of that meeting. why is that so important? because he knows that the numbers needed to get this bill across the finish line just aren't there. and what's unusual in this kind of crisis you have some of the newest members of the house who have come out to say they don't want to support it. really tipping the way things
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usually work in washington where the newest members sort of get in line behind their leaders when it gets to a critical point. so for boehner he had the set back of the congressional budget office score coming in in a disappointing way for them. so what are they doing? from last night through today we're told they are retooling their bill to try to make it better for a cbo score. that's important because congress members love to rely on that score to help guide their vote. two things they can do. they can find more cuts or they can reduce the amount that they would raise the debt limit. that would mean an even shorter time period before this issue would come up again. that's kind of where things stand right now. it is tense and we're in a strange holding period where a lot of people are lobbing in ideas, but we don't know where it's going to go. >> and then we saw the senate democrats come out and just shoot this all to pieces. in the house, kristen, representative james clyburn the
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democrats' number three is urging president obama to veto any short-term fix and raise the debt limit himself by invoking the 14th amendment. what's the white house' position? >> reporter: well, this is an idea that's been bandied about for quite some time that 14th amendment option. white house officials this morning telling me they still don't think it's a viable option. the president addressed this issue head on in fact last week during a town hall meeting at the university of maryland when he said, look, we've consulted with council here and they say we just don't think it's a winning argument. the white house continues to insist they're not going to go that route. they think this is something they have to get done with congress. one little interesting note here, former president bill clinton said he would have no problem using the 14th amendment to increase the debt ceiling. this white house says, no, they're not going to do that. white house officials who i spoke with this morning said they are still confident this is going to get done by august 2nd. the reason why because this has to get done by august 2nd.
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>> a little optimism from the white house. thank you, kristen and kelly nice choice of colors today. you and i match exactly. appreciate that. >> reporter: tune in tomorrow. >> democratic senator barbara my cull ski called the republican plan, cruel, stupid and dangerous. we'll find out what she thinks at the half-hour. this divide is dramatic. the two sides entrenched in opposing position. a big question, should the president invoke the 14th amendment, raise the debt ceiling without the authority from congress. you heard what kristen said the white house position has been so far. we may see a recurrence of democrats urging the president to reconsider that stan stand and a already a lively conversation online about it. stocks kicked off the trading day on the downside. there's a lot of uncertainty over the debt debate. right now it's not looking good in the dow jones industrials. here we are midday through the trading day and the dow is off by 114 points.
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the s&p has slid 16.5. the nasdaq is down almost 50 points. melissa frances hosts the call on cnbc. we've been hearing all along from the white house that august 2 nds is the hardline, the deadline. "the new york times" says we do have the cash to get beyond that date. what's the real threat if we don't get a deal done by august 2nd? >> everybody's look at the bank account and saying how long can we pay our bills if we don't get this done. it looks like it might not happen. a lot of people focussing on the date of august 10th. pete frer the university of maryland says we take in revenue exceeding $180 billion per month. our payment on the debt eats up $30 billion. we can pay the debt, roll over some skurts and make social security payments for a while after that before we're in real trouble. i don't know that that's much of a consolation to people on wall street. we saw stocks slumping this morning as it looked like there
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might be a deal. we're getting closer. people were coming up to the microphone. stocks bounced back. when they came out and spoke we heard senator harry reid a short time ago. stocks went back down again. the fur was still flying. really the market is watching this and starting to get nervous. >> at this point, is it -- for instance, the s&p threat that interest rates are going to rise for everybody because the credit rating for the united states would be downgraded for the first time in history. is the downgrade the more immediate threat than the default. >> the the downgrade is a huge concern. i mean the bottom line concern is that all of a sudden the world is going to start dumping bonds. and not wanting to hold them because all of a sudden we've become a credit threat. that's the sort of thing that happens very rapidly. bondholders are confident until the moment that they're not. and all of a sudden they start dumping bonds. yields go up and the cost of borrowing money for the government and for you and i all of a sudden becomes very high. that's really the --.
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so far we're not seeing that. you look at the ten-year and 30-year and those yields are staying where they have been. so far that's not a concern. but that's what people are watching. >> could a downgrade happen even if a deal gets done. >> absolutely. yes, definitely. that definitely could still happen. s&p and moody's have come out and warned that could be a problem. what they really want to see is a credible plan to cut the deficit down the road. after all, if you go out there and you max out your credit card is the answer to call visa and ask them to raise the limit? that doesn't solve you the problem. that's what traders keep saying and that's what bondholders are worried about. >> good to see you today. appreciate that. let's take another look at the stocks again, if we can. already on the day down 100 and now 124 points on the day. we dropped another ten points since we started talking to melissa francis. it looks like this is starting to have an impact on wall street. the trickle down effect to main
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street where you're going to see students questioning how much their college loan payments might go up if you see interest rates rise. a georgia mom who was convicted in the jaywalking death of her young son won't go to prison for now. last week a jury convicted raquel nelson of reckless conduct, improperly crossing a roadway and second degree vehicular homicide. a hit and run driver was the one who killed nelson's 4-year-old son, a.j. that driver spent six months behind bars. raquel nelson faced up to three years in jail. in sentencing yesterday the judge gave her a choice, a new trial or 12 months probation. raquel nelson joins me again. now along with her aunt. we talked about this a couple days ago the threat of you going to jail for longer than the driver who actually hit and killed your son. so raquel, it had to be a relief to be given this choice. >> yes, it definitely was.
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like a clean slate. you either do over or take it. >> have you made a decision? >> not quite yet. i have 30 days. and i took the rest of the week off from work to regroup and try to get some kind of rest from the interviews and everything until we figure this out. >> i know that there was a lot of shock at the jury's conviction that the decision came back and it was not in your favor. here's what your attorney said. >> i was shocked. i was wondering if they had heard the same case that i had heard. i not familiar with this ever happening. the judge took it upon herself to basically grant my client a new trial. i was very pleased with the decision i think she made the right decision due to the facts in this case. >> i can't imagine having been through that trial. you lost your 4-year-old son getting off a bus. no crosswalk in the immediate
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vicinity. you cross a busy road and a hit and run driver who though he was not charged with dui admitted he was on painkillers killed your son. you have to sit through this trial, would you want to sit through a different trial and see if you could get a different outcome? >> it's kind of -- it's like a catch 22, i suppose. going through it the first time was definitely a hard thing. so, you know, the saying goes once you've been through it you can do it again. but by the same token it's like i don't know if i really want to, but it's definitely nice to have that choice. i'm glad for the judge for that. >> you've got to be incredibly relieved for the kids it means that they're not losing their mom to time behind bars. have you given her the benefit of your advice in this case? >> i have. and as we've been going all along again i was so relieved and so happy we were able to
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bring her home. but i basically have advised her to actually take the time and sit back and think about what her options are going to be and to confer with the legal people so that she can make the best decision possible. >> what's your lawyer telling you, raquel? >> as of right now, he and i haven't really spoken about it since then. i wanted to make sure i had this all taken care of. as of right now, he just said think about it. ultimately it is going to be -- it's a hard decision. definitely. >> listen, i was inundated with emails after we spoke a couple days ago. people who feel for you. their hearts go out to you for what you suffered. they were keeping their fingers crossed. a lot of people were praying for you. i hope that has begin you a little silver lining. >> it has. >> thank you so much for coming on. we're eager to report what your decision is when you make one.
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>> we'll let you know. >> thank you so much both of you. federal officials say there's not enough evidence yet to say whether dust and smoke clouds at the world trade center caused cancer. we're talking to a first responder about his reaction to that study and also his survival of cancer. plus police are searching for a suspect accused of a disturbing and bizarre crime. why women especially should be worried. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering.
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a virginia attacker has some very specific targets, women's butts. police are on the hunt for a man suspected of stabbing five women many a rear end at a local clothing store. his m.o. just create a diversion and then slash these women with a box cutter, razor. those attacks started last february all the victims were in their late teens or early 20s.
9:17 am
they need to catch that guy. a major set back for the case against former illinois policeman drew peterson. appeals court upheld a hearing to exclude evidence. peterson's on trial for murdering his third wife. he's a suspect in his fourth wife's disappearance. a sad end to a journey for a mountain lion. the big cat was killed by a car on a highway in connecticut. but genetic tests found out it originally came all the way from south dakota. we're talking some 1500 miles away. poor thing. president obama pushing for a last minute compromise on the debt ceiling. why some members of his own party aren't very happy with that and why some are talking about a possible challenge in 2012. plus, a bird, a plane, no that's a person. out of the kochan non. human cannon ball.
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be right back. this past year alone there was a 93% increase in cyber attacks.
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ampblts new report con cluz there's not enough evidence to determine if smoke in the cloud produced by the 9/11 attack on the world trade center caused cancer. it's a huge set back to grounds zero rescue and recovery workers who have been diagnosed with cancer since the attacks. it means now that they do not qualify for federal benefits either for treatment or compensation under the 9/11 health and compensation act. that report was released by dchlt john howard the director of the cdcs national institute for occupational safety and health. right now he's declining interviews saying this is just the first review and they're planning on another review next
9:22 am
year. ken any spect was a 9/11 first responder. you also survived thyroid cancer. do you draw a link between your work at ground zero and your cancer? >> absolutely. if i was dr. howard i wouldn't take any interviews either. it's appalling and disgusting. the going to continue to say they can't find ligs to cancer. in the new york city fire department, i'm a new york city firefighter, the new york city fire department there are four cases of multiple mie luoma a blood cancer in a national population of 100,000 people you wouldn't see one case. we have four in a firefighting force of about 8500. to me that's a lunke. you continue to bury young, young, new york city firefighters at an appalling rate. >> here's what they say is science is. they're saying it's not definitive that what happened, what you guys were exposed to doesn't cause cancer. it's just not definitive that it
9:23 am
does. here's what they say, the probablity that a person will develop cancer over a lifetime is one in two for men, one in three for women. there's an absence of findings. the current absence of published scientific and medical findings demonstrating a causal association does not indicate the ed of the absence of a causal association. at least they're saying at this point we need to do more studies is that not good enough? >> not good enough. it's ten years. i call on the new york city fire department to core late -- correlate cancers to the time we spend at the world trade center. i call on them to do that in their september report. i find it unacceptable. we're going to fix this. we're going to fix the fkt that they're not going to review the statistics for another year. we're going to watch the report from the new york city fire department report in september. >> do you think the fire department has any influence with the cdc on researching this?
9:24 am
>> let's do it. let's take the fire department report that they're going to release in september and let's make that part of the cdcs reach. i'm telling you right now i'll sell my left arm if i find out that in september the new york city fire department also doesn't correlate cancer to our time at the trade center. and if that report does correlate cancer to our time at the trade center, i want that report entered into the cdc and i want them to investigate it earlier than september of next year. >> it is curious that it looks like asthma sufferers are compensated for what they went through at ground zero, then the next step of linking cancer with the toxins you were exposed to is not correlated. are you cancer free? >> so they say. i'm be foolish not to expect the other shoe to drop. we have new york city firefighters ten years to the day fighting for their lives. we buried one last week.
9:25 am
we buried one the week before that. we have four cases of multiple mie luoma. two have passed away. the expected life expectancy with multiple mie luoma is no more than seven years from the time of diagnosis. again, like i said we have four cases in a work population of less than 8500. when we shouldn't see one in 100,000. >> kenny, thank you so much for coming in. i know that your fellow firefighters, other folks working at ground zero appreciate your passion. >> we're going to fix this. we're not going away. we may be dying, but we are going to fix this. somebody's going to answer to us. we made people answer to us. they're going to answer toe us again. >> thank you for coming in. an ohio policeman is in big trouble after his raging outburst at a suspect was caught on camera. >> what's the first thing you're supposed to do? >> i'm supposed to tell you if i have a weapon. >> you turn a gun on you?
9:26 am
>> i've never done this before. >> [ bleep ]. you went through the class. >> the officer was derated the suspect for waiting to tell him he had a licensed firearm. now the officer is suspended from the police force for the fear seibel future. this video went viral after a gun rights group posted it online. it's a human home run, a 69-year-old man was shot out of a cannon 35 feet long. flew over the wall of a minor league ballpark in lowell, massachusetts. that might have been the biggest hit of the game. the question i have is why? why would you ever agree to do such a thing? house speaker john boehner has a message for his republican colleagues, get your butt in line and pass the debt bill because his he thinks senate democrats will fold. the question is will they? we're going to ask one of them, senator barbara mick you will ski. hot on the web, looks like football teams are make up for lost time. three of the top five searches
9:27 am
on google concern big deals, a deal between hasselbeck and donovan mcnabb is reportedly going to the vikings. if you're not rabid about football you don't care, but you're not the ones making football trend on google. hugh hefner's former bride to be is making news with her interview with howard stern talking about her nonexistent sex life with him. she said they only had sex once in their two-year relationship. she never saw him naked. yet she was prepared to marry the man at least until five days before the wedding when she jilted hefner. he say he's in a better place with new girlfriends two of them. one of the most viewed stories on is forbes list of best and worst states to own a car. the magazine factors in gas prices, insurance, taxes what cars cost and how quickly they depreciate, worst, hawaii, california and alaska. translation most expensive. and the best, new hampshire, no
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this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. welcome back to msnbc. i'm contessa brewer. the identities of the casey anthony jurors will remain secret at least until october 25th. the judge is concerned about their safety. the lockerbie bomber was spotted at a rally in libya in support of gadhafi. he was released from a scottish prison nearly two years ago kwhen the prison said at that time he only had three months to live. here he is. egypt's former president mubarak has reportedly not eaten in four days. his doctors say he's lost weight and is weak. mubarak faces a corruption trial next week. walter reed army center closes its doors after 102 years. the operations are moving to a
9:32 am
new location in maryland. in the debt debate each side is wanting to paint the other willing to push the nation into a financial crisis rather than moved from their own entrenched position. here's mitch mcconnell. >> i have a question for those senior advisors, what about this legislation is so offensive that you'd rather see the nation default on its obligations than have the president sign it into law? >> senator barbara mccull ski is a democrat from maryland. she's the longest serving woman in the history of the senate. glad to have you here today. >> happy to be talking to you. it's very intense here. >> i'm sure it is. do you see the president as unwilling to capitulate or compromise? >> what i'm talking about where the president stands, we need to talk about where we stand in the senate. we need to be able to come together to agree on a plan that will make sure we do not default and we do it in a way that makes
9:33 am
sure we do not downgrade our credit rating. it is congress that needs to vote on a plan. congress needs to have a frame work. and i can tell you right now, contessa, there's two kinds of senators here. the political senators, that are engaged in slogans but there are the people policy centers on both sides of the aisle that are reaching out to each other as we speak to say either get behind the harry reid plan that does the right timing, the right cuts, and also there's a surpass pard or is there a better idea that we can come up with. >> given that there are only a few days left until you hit that august 2nd deadline, it's looking more and more especially if house republicans don't compromise that a deal isn't going to happen. it's great that in the senate you have policy senators who are going forward and saying what plan can we all get behind? what good is that if you have a big group in the house that are unwilling to compromise?
9:34 am
>> well, i want to turn to the people to -- first of all, if -- we cannot fail and we cannot falter. if we do it will do irvekable damage to our country and our people. a default would cause interest rates to skyrocket. i would say to the tea party crowd in the house, if you don't want to tax on america, you don't want a default. a default will be by raising interest rates a tax by approximaty on the american people. variable rate mortgages will go up, car loans, student loans. >> mitch mcconnell senator was putting that on the president saying that if he vetoes, for instance, the boehner bill if the boehner bill goes through the house if they can get it through the senate and the president vetoes it then it would be the president forcing a default on a downgrade. >> we'll get to the president when we can get through a bill on both sides of the aisle. right now the harry reid plan
9:35 am
offers the best hope. why? it cuts a lot more money than the house. >> the harry reid plan is not being proposed in the house of representatives. right now it's the boehner plan being proposed in the house of representatives. would you -- if it's passed the way that boehner has proposed it, i know they're finding on more spending cuts to get to trillion dollars, if the house can pass that, will you support it in the senate? >> boehner plans come over and he can marshall his forces then i would support a harry reid amendment to that that would improve it. it's not only the trillion, we have to have enough money to give confidence in those who rate the credit worthiness of the united states of america that we're serious about cuts and we're serious about reform. which is our path forward with this joint committee. >> senator, have you ever seen a divide like this? you're more than 20 years serving in the senate? >> no i know you just had the firefighters on from new york.
9:36 am
my heart goes out to their situation. but i remember when we stood on the steps of the capitol when that terrible 9/11 day, we joined hands and sang god bless america because we wanted to protect america. now we've got to have the same thing. we've got to stop acting as democrats, stop acting as republicans. start acting like americans and the americans need to call congress, tell us to get our act together and really put the best interest of the country forward. >> senator, so good to talk to you today. thank you so much for your time. >> talk to you soon. the protracted battle over america's debt is having a negative impact on president obama's standing with his own base. liberals are even suggesting the president should face some democratic opposition in the presidential primary. ralph nader's reportedly look for abcandidate. here's senator bernie sanders of vermont. >> the president has been to my mind much too aggressive in talking about cuts.
9:37 am
>> yesterday's "the washington post" abc news poll had worse news, 82% of americans say the job market the still struggling where they are. 90% gave the economy a negative rating. karen finny is a former national democratic committee spokesperson. forest ebb stein was a communications aide with a mccain-palin campaign in 2008. how much danger is the president in politically because of willingness to compromise with what republicans are demanding? >> well, it's interesting on the one hand he's getting criticized from the right that he's not doing enough. then obviously from the left that he's willing to give up too much. so -- probably working. but i think it's no secret that this white house has had some challenges with the left. and i think that's going to
9:38 am
continue. i don't see that -- i think that's going to continue to be a rocky relationship going into the election. the question will be what will they try to do to -- >> karen, i think to a point -- >> boris, let me finish. at tend of the day skblsh he's not going to get re-elected. >> boris, please don't be rude. >> i'm not being rude. nice to see you. >> the folks on the left will end up voting for president obama. it's a question though of the level of enthusiasm. in general people are frustrated with washington across the board. >> that's not what the numbers bear out. the country is disappointed with this president's leadership skills and the skills on his economy. >> but they're mo more disappointed with the republicans. the polls show as disappointed as they are with the president they're more disappointed with republicans. >> it's a danger to leaders of both parties. there's only one man who's the incumbent president looking for re-election. and his approval in the economy is under 40%.
9:39 am
disapproval is over 50%. he cannot get re-elected with such numbers. the republicans are going to put forward -- let me finish now. the republicans are going to put forward a strong candidate. that candidate is going to put out that this president did not deliver on the economy. >> we might be getting ahead of ourselves. we don't know who the republicans are going to put forward in terms of a candidate. right now none of them seem particularly strong. let's focus at the leaders that we have right now. it is true, karen, that this most recent poll shows that strong support among liberal democrats for obama's jobs record is down 22 points. >> that's not good. >> that's right. look, here's what i think is reallyistic about what's going to happen in the general election. it is going to be a tough election for both president obama and whoever the republican nominee is. because people aren't in general frustrated and angry and scared. i think one of the things we saw in the 2000 electorate this is very volatile. there's a lot of swinging 20
9:40 am
points one way or the other. hold on. >> this president promised a lot of things and he did deliver. >> do you want to keep shouting out talking points. i'm trying to talk about politics. >> so, the point is that until a deal gets done, it looks like across the board, you've got as they say on twitter, fu washington it goes both ways. but it's not when you have telling its members to call up their elected represent vs and saying no cut to medicare without corresponding tax cuts it looks like compromise is not the big answer. >> in 2010 this country put in republicans. it will do so again in 2012 because democrats are shot delivered. >> not in the senate. >> in the house and in the white house. >> you know what, the numbers aren't bearing that out in places like wisconsin -- >> wait. >> in plagss like wisconsin or ohio where you have a republican
9:41 am
legislature and republican governs who have overestimated what their mandate was you're seeing democrats are winning and you also see -- >> we have ted kennedy's seat now. >> do you know what i have learned in my years in cable news when people talk over each other, we can't hear anybody. so boris, karen, we'll leave it there. thank you, guys. >> thanks. . authorities evacuated parts of oslo's largest train station earlier today to investigate an abandoned suitcase. another big scare on the heels of friday's bombing and shooting massacre that ill canned 76 people. norway has been on high alert since then. police say nothing suspicious was found and lifted the evacuation order after two hours in. a news conference today police gave a detailed account of the arrest of the man who confessed to placing the bombs and opening fire at a youth camp. police say he surrendered readily in what he described as a completely normal arrest. norway's prime minister is vowing not to let the attacks intimidate his country. he says, norwegians will fight
9:42 am
back with quote more democracy. nbc's jay gray is in oslo now. what does that mean, fight back with more dmamsy? >> reporter: good evening to you, contessa. i think what it means is more of this, this outpouring of emotion and support and unity since we've seen since the attacks. the sea of candles, flowers and everyone gathering together. he's talking about norway becoming more united. that means nor wee janse, that means immigrants that means everyone in this country coming together to fight against what happened here. a little more in a direct quote to expand on that. there's going to be one norway and one before after july 2 27bd. i hope and believe that the norway we will see after will be a more open and tolerant society than what we had before. of course, there's a lot of grief to work through here as well. as they continue to go through the mourning process, the investigation continues as well. >> thank you so much, jay. exactly a year until the
9:43 am
2012 summer olympics in london. we take you there live to see how the city's preparing. be right back. the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. he needs some gellin'. yeahhhhhhh. gellin' is like having a teeny tiny foot masseuse in your shoe. you like ? nice !
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call this toll-free number now. anchts year from today we'll be watching the opening ceremony of the 201 london olympic games. we're in lon on the to see how the city is preparing for a very big event. is everything on schedule? it is bang on schedule. which means everything's right on time. the most impressive thing is that right there, the olympic stadium. 80,000 people will be inside a year from today to watch the opening ceremonies. and literally billions around the world to witness history happen here in london. what's going to make these games so unique is you see this time lapse video of the olympic stadium being built is the fact that in the city you have iconic landmarks and then those historic sports settings like
9:47 am
wembley stadium home to soccer and wimbeldon home to tennis. also the awe kuwaitic center. we got our first look. in an hour and a half they will christen it with a 17-year-old diving into the pool. it will basically start this one-year out celebration is planned throughout this evening. they will be watching from tra fall garr square on television sets. the whole country is glued to this day as they anticipate a year from now. but beyond that what may be the crown jewel is the same spot where william and kate rode their carriage on their wedding day heading home toward buckingham palace the royal horse guards parade that will be the home to the beach volleyball venue. they're bringing in 4,000 tons of sand, 17,500 seats on hand here really a nice blend of history. and the excitement of the new here. look kids, big ben and parolment
9:48 am
those lines from chevy chase not too far away you'll be able to see some of these events for yourself. >> there might be a lot of americans out there doing that. >> look kids. can't get out of the right lane. see you. speaking of movies, today the political side bar is going to the movies. beginning on capitol hill in those reluctant republicans threatening to break ranks. boehner is bringing members to his office for some one-on-one arm twisting. he still may not have enough votes. house majority vote counter kevin mccarthy needed a hook. he got the bright idea to play a clip from "the town." >> i need your help. i can't tell you what it is. you can never ask me about it later, i'm going to hurt some people. >> who's car are we going to take? >> that did the trick for one lawmaker. huffington post reporting allen
9:49 am
west told his colleagues i'm ready to drive the car. meantime afleck told the huffington post, i don't know if this is a compliment or the ultimate repudiation. i think the company men is more preerm. in george clooney is telling usa today the time is right for his new thriller "the ides of march." he stars and directs the film which also stars ryan gosling. it's about a young press person working for a presidential candidate during the iowa caucus. the knew bee gets a back room crash course. clooney said he thought about shooting the film in 2008 but the nation was too hopeful back then. new he says cynicism has seemed to have come back. finally, does this voice sound familiar -- >> moore and her union fought to overturn the reforms that have -- >> if you guessed morgan freeman was guessing that over, you'd be what we'd like to call, wrong. freeman's people confirm that
9:50 am
he's not the their ratter of an ad posted for sins sfr strong america. the group is running the ad targeting shelly moore in wisconsin's recall campaign.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
well ark video game revolution is taking flight right now thanks to a little thing called angry birds. if you haven't played it yet or much less heard of it, people might wonder what rock you've been under. the addictive game has you sling shooting these birds across a landscape knocking down, you know, rocks and whatever. the bird are angry because the pigs hold their eggs. that's the whole premise. check out these stats 300 million players downloaded it. they have flung more than 100 billion birds. that's more birds than actually exist in the world. we have a space and technology expert. >> angry birds are taking over
9:54 am
the world, in case you haven't noticed. >> the world domination of angry birds. the weird thing about this is when you're out in public i see middle aged women playing it. sitting at the bar and they've got their ipads out and -- >> their iphone. that's the appeal of this game. it has the ease of use. you can get into it very quickly. you understand the game very quickly. you talked about the battle between the birds and pigs and they stole the education. it's so simple that anybody can do it. that's why it caught on so quickly. right now three of the angry birds versions are in the top ten apps. >> here's what i don't get, it's a pretty simple cob september that even little kids can do it. >> even we can do it. >> here we are in real life. are you good at it? >> i'm going to say that i've played it more than i should have been playing it. i've plaid it a lot. >> how is it that angry birds wants to get a billion fans meaning people that downloaded
9:55 am
this, when i completed one game and i'm done. >> that's how some people feel about it. it's a one trick pony that they get the sense of how to use the physics and you play it and you're done. but the angry birds creators are very clever. they bring out more and more levels. they do themes are seasons and holidays. they try to keep you hooked. it's definitely working. there are i think about a million hours a day are spent just on the iphone version. 3.3 million hours a day on all different devices. it's everywhere you go. they're clearly doing something right. >> do you see my face right now? >> that's the i'm over it face. >> what a -- >> solitaire's a time waster. >> it's the new solitaire. >> it's incredible. >> they've got movies, toys. >> i've played with the real life plush toys. pretty fun. that wraps up this hour for me
9:56 am
on the angry birds note. i'll see you back here tomorrow at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. out west. and up next and dr"andrea mitch reports." have you played angry birds? >> indeed i have. another day, another round of finger pointing in washington. the showdown to raise the debt ceiling. we'll go behind the scenes with top white house economic advisor and kent conrad. mitt romney hits the ground in ohio, what about yooi yoo and new hampshire? "andrea mitchell reports" up next here on msnbc. i'm bill karins with your business travel forecast. hot weather today many the middle of the country. some thunderstorms up around chicago and minneapolis. temperatures in the east are warm, but humidity levels are down a little bit. should be an enjoyable day. as far as the west goes, we're still warm in phoenix as you'd expect.
9:57 am
seattle still cool only with 71. have a great day. cation on a buh expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia.
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9:59 am
right now on "andrea mitchell reports," cracking the whip. speaker boehner bluntly tells house republicans to get in line behind his debt plan. this as the math shows both the republican and democratic plans fall short on savings. >> every day he spends twisting arms in his caucus we

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